medical massage by Boris Prilutsky for massage therapy and beauty fitness massage techniques.  Many physicians and massage therapists believe in alternative medicine massage and acupressure back massage physical therapy techniques for stress management and hypertension.  Conditions such as bronchial asthma, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorder, vasodilation, bruxism, and more can be treated with relaxation techniques
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Medical Massage and Post-Isometric Relaxation and Exercise Program in Cases of Lumbalgia, Lumbago, and Sciatic Neuralgia


In most cases pain in the lower back, upper back, and neck, originates from neuromuscular disorders. This means that, due to physical or emotional overload, muscles can accumulate tension to the point that nerve tissue is irritated or compressed. This kind of irritation can evoke a rich neurological picture, including irradiation of pain to the extremities or to the head. Additionally, in the presence of spondylosis (including spondyloarthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniation, etc.) spinal nerves can be irritated or compressed, which in turn can cause irradiation of pain, stiffness, etc.

The intervertebral disc consists of a peripheral fibro-cartilagenous ring filled with a gel-like nucleus. These discs are located between the bodies of the vertebrae, and play an important role in shock absorption, as well as spinal column movement. When the paravertebral erector muscles (the muscles responsible for keeping our bodies erect) become over-tensed, the intervertebral disc begins to experience greater weight bearing tension and higher level of function in shock absorption and movement. This physical overload of the disc causes dehydration of the nucleus, which in turn causes the walls of the ring to bulge insignificantly. Over time, fissuring of the inner part of the disc occurs. Fissuring and dehydration of the disc eventually lead to the herniation of the intervertebral disc nucleus. The pressure of the nucleus is greater than the peripheral walls of the disc can bear. As a result, the nucleus of the disc bulges out, at times as much as 3-7 millimeters. Compression of a spinal nerve by the disc immediately awakens a rich neurological picture with irradiation of pain. The intensity of this pain is sometimes very difficult to tolerate.

We do not believe that the decompression of the size of the disc is possible. However, we do believe that the rehabilitation of a herniated disc, as well as the elimination of the painful symptoms, is possible. In most cases we can achieve that in a short period of time. In Volume 1 of Boris Prilutsky’s Medical Massage DVD series, Boris explains in detail and offers a hands-on demonstration of specialized Medical Massage techniques in treating cases of lower back disorders. Additionally, Boris offers several unique accessory treatment modalities utilizing post-isometric relaxation and rehabilitative exercise programs.

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