medical massage by Boris Prilutsky for massage therapy and beauty fitness massage techniques.  Many physicians and massage therapists believe in alternative medicine massage and acupressure back massage physical therapy techniques for stress management and hypertension.  Conditions such as bronchial asthma, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorder, vasodilation, bruxism, and more can be treated with relaxation techniques
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Featured Products

Manual Acceleration of Lymph Drainage and Detoxification


The main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification and disposal of metabolic waste products. In its immune function, the lymphatic system helps the body fight bacterial and viral infections. In any given 24-hour period, the lymphatic system processes about a gallon of lymph. Using specialized techniques of manual lymph drainage, we can increase the amount of lymph processed by 20 times. This means that the elimination of toxins can be 20 times faster than normal, thereby contributing to the improvement of one’s general health and immunity. In Volume 5 of Boris Prilutsky’s Medical Massage DVD series, Boris offers a detailed discussion and hands-on demonstration on manual lymph drainage and detoxification techniques.

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